PhonBank Portuguese-French Almeida Corpus

Laetitia de Almeida
Laboratoire Dynamique du Langage
Institut des Sciences de l'Homme


Participants: 1
Type of Study: babbling to full word, naturalistic, longitudinal
Location: Portugal
Media type: video
DOI: doi:10.21415/T57G7Q

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Project Description

Participant name: Barbara
Sex: F
Age range: 1;00.08-3;10.28
Sessions: 54 French; 55 Portuguese

Barbara was recorded at home in a naturalistic setting, approximately every second week. The records were divided into two sessions, one for each of the native languages of the child, taking place at the same day. A Portuguese native speaker carried out the Portuguese sessions and the bilingual investigator carried out the French sessions, speaking exclusively French to the child. Each session lasted approximately 30 mns. During the recordings the child typically looked at picture books and played with toys. Most of the time, the parent (or caretaker) who spoke the language of the session was present. Occasionally, the mother or the grandmother (native speakers of Portuguese) were present in the French sessions because the child would not talk otherwise. In those cases, they did not talk to the child during the session.

Most of the time, the child would use the language of the session. The utterances in the other language were codified as such ('por' for Portuguese or 'fra' for French) and were not transcribed. Mixed utterances were not transcribed either. It could occur that the child used one lexical item in the other language, either because she did not know the translation, either because it was the name of a toy, or a proper name. Those cases are codified as 'mixed' and were fully transcribed. The complete list of those lexical items is available. Information such as noise, overlapping speech, repeated speech or other useful aspects is provided in the Notes field.

The recordings were collected using a miniDV digital camera Panasonic GS 200 with a microphone.

This corpus is part of the Acquisition of European Portuguese Databank (AcEP – databank).

Most frequent lexical items in mixed utterances
Portuguese names
in French Sessions
Chiconame of the family dog
Ritaname of a toy
Costaname of a place
BenficaPortuguese soccer team
Pedroproper name
Pantufaname of a toy
Anitaname of a toy
Piupiuname of a toy
Quico/Quicaname of a toy
Pintarto draw
Luisaproper name
Joanaproper name
Senhor palhaçoname of a toy
Joãoproper name
Bolinhasname of a toy
Flamengotype of Portuguese cheese
Gordoname of a toy
Bárbaraname of a toy

French names
in Portuguese Sessions
Françoiseproper name
Quentinproper name
Héliaproper name
Thierryproper name
Babarproper name
Célesteproper name
Marineproper name
Doudoucuddly toy
Arthurproper name

Portuguese names
in French sessions
French names
in Portuguese sessions
Chico: name of the family dogFrançoise: proper name
Rita: name of a toyQuentin: proper name
Costa: name of a placeHélia: proper name
Benfica: Portuguese soccer teamThierry: proper name
Pedro: proper nameBabar: proper name
Pantufa: name of a toyCéleste: proper name
Anita: name of a toyMarine: proper name
Piupiu: name of a toyDoudou: cuddly toy
Vovô/Vovó: grandfather/grandmotherArthur: proper name
Quico/Quica: name of a toy
Pintar: to draw
Luisa: proper name
Joana: proper name
Senhor palhaço: name of a toy
João: proper name
Bolinhas: name of a toy
Flamengo: type of Portuguese cheese
Gordo: name of a toy
Bárbara: name of a toy


A PhD research grant was awarded to Laetitia Almeida (SFRH/BD/27733/2006) by the Portuguese Science Foundation.